A Lesson From Esther Comes Alive

    One of the great lessons from our study of Esther is that God is active, often before we know it.  He goes before us.  Three stories from our work in Haiti illustrate this.

    Early in April, the Chapel was given two gifts for the water fund totaling $3,000.  We had no specific use in mind for these gifts, other than to buy more water filters.  During our most recent trip to Wangouman, we started to imagine a water collection system, using the roof of the new church.  How much would two 1000-gallon cisterns and a gutter system cost?  $3000.  Last Thursday, Ephraim Lucien delivered the tanks and installed the gutters.  It is our prayer that these tanks will become another resource for Wangouman and will give us ample water to finish the cement work on the new church.  God met this need even before we had the idea.

    In December we were given a gift of several pieces of medical furniture and medical supplies.  They were stored in a garage while we tried to figure out a way to finance and get them to the new medical clinic in Pignon. This past week we were offered the chance to get the equipment to Haiti for free if we could deliver the material to Ohio, saving the Chapel several thousand dollars.  God answered this need in a way we didn’t expect. 

    This past Sunday while making arrangements for the delivery, the Ohio pastor wondered if we had any tools to add to the shipment.  At the time, we had nothing.  On Monday afternoon, we were offered several tools, including a sliding compound miter saw, to send to the “islands.”  That gift explained why we rented a van that was too large for the medical gear we were sending.  With the tools, the van filled up. 

    Praise Him!