Why Change At All?

Why does the church need to change? Why have we added overflow space, upgraded our audio/visual systems, moved our children into inflatable classrooms, and transitioned staff in the first place?

To answer these questions the Elder’s try to consistently take us back to our mission statement, acknowledging that Mission, must drive vision, and Vision must drive action, or we’re likely to have lots of activity, amounting to little life change- “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. Our mission statement at GBC continues to be (as pictured above)-

“Reflecting the Lord Jesus Christ to a Needy World”

Each word in that statement is intentional and carries with it larger ideas. These become the vision for our future as we try to live out this high calling.

This is what was shared at one of our town meetings last spring. You can read the full Vision statement here.

When viewed as a summary, this mission statement broadens to give us a vision for how to flesh this out as a church community.

We change in order to… better Reflect who we are in Christ- by challenging everyone at GBC to be involved at some level, and to be growing in their relationship with Christ.

We change in order to… as a church, put the LORD first in regards to our teaching and preaching as well as our worship.

We change in order to… expand and increase our audience (both those who physically attend GBC and those who are reached online through our teaching), to lift the name of Jesus Christ high and proclaim His Gospel of sinner’s saved- clearly and with frequency.

We change in order to… seek to allow greater resources to minister not to ourselves, but the least of these- the Needy– in greater capacity.

We change in order to… not limit the Kingdom work that God has called us to, and we allow the Holy Spirit to challenge us to continue to extend and equip our reach beyond this building or these grounds, even to the World.

In the coming weeks we’ll share more about the specifics regarding different areas of change here at GBC, and the rationale and background behind it. We hope you’ll find these blog posts helpful and informative, and we welcome your questions and feedback.

Gary Campbell, Jr.
Pastoral Team at Groton Bible Chapel

Faithe Emerich

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