What's Ahead in Haiti?

First, water filter kits.  We recently distributed 150 filters.  Another 250 are being prepared to give to JBM churches devastated by Hurricane Matthew in southern Haiti.  To date we’ve given 775 kits.  Until the end of 2016, Sawyer Products, is running a “buy one, get two more” promotional. Once we pay for shipping, buy buckets, and transport them, the cost is reduced from $50 to $20 per kit.  We want to buy as many filters as possible during the promotional.   There is no shortage of places that needs them.

Second, medical outreach.   Medical outreach costs in November, including medicine, customs fees, and gratuities for the Haitian medical staff were $3,726.  We conducted mobile medical clinics in three separate locations as well as providing medical care for the pastors and staff at the leadership conference.  We’d like to continue our mobile clinic outreach and help build infrastructure for the new Pignon clinic. 

Third, church construction.  We’d like to finish work on the church building in Wangouman.  Some walls need stucco, and the floor needs cement.  Our previous installation of two 1000-gallon water cisterns will provide water for the cement mix.  In addition, the building needs doors and rudimentary windows. 

You can help.  Join us on a trip if you can.  If you can’t come, help us provide these needs.  The Missions Special Projects fund was established as a way to allow you to help with projects like these.  You can donate online by making a special gift to the Missions Special Projects fund and noting Haiti in the memo, or by writing “Haiti” on a giving envelope.  Don’t forget your regular giving.  

Remember, the most important thing you can do is pray for our Haitian friends.  Let’s keep God in the forefront of all we do in Haiti.