Flashlights and Christmas

    Flashlight technology has really improved in the past few years.  “Back in the day,” a“torch” only illuminated the smallest of areas.  But now, flashlights can probe for hundreds of feet.  They are wonderful, particularly in deep darkness.  

    But, here’s the thing.  Flashlights have switches.  When the switch is turned off, the light is just potential.  It could be shining into the darkness, but instead, it’s not doing its job.  To illuminate, the switch has to be flipped on. 

    Matthew 5:16 says. . . . “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” 

    Get the point?  If we want to tell others about Jesus, we need to keep the flashlight of our life turned on.  Today’s culture calls that missional living; defined by Wikipedia as the “adoption of the posture, thinking, behaviors, and practices of a missionary in order to engage others with the gospel message.”  It’s living in such a way that our lives illuminate Jesus and have traction with those around us.  It’s being a light in the dark.

    Think of it this way.  It would be ridiculous to hold out a darkened flashlight and expect others to find their way.  They’ll continue to stumble.  Have you ever noticed how people at night crowd around the person with the flashlight?  Your beam of light can reveal Jesus in the surrounding darkness.

    Advent is a great time of year to live with the light of your life turned to the “on” position. It’s a great time to show others “the gift that keeps on giving,” our Savior.  

    Why not resolve this Christmas to live with your switch flipped, living purposefully and missionally, radiating the joy of the Savior born.