Haiti Update - Is It Worth It?

    Will Haiti ever “catch a break”?  This fall Hurricane Matthew devastated the southern part of the country.  In the north, Cap Haitien, the second-largest city, was severely flooded by torrential rains, cutting off food supplies and polluting potable water.  An ineffective central government continues to serve its people poorly.  Are these the “markers” that define Haiti? 

     GBC’s recent medical team there may help answer those questions.

     --The “big picture” --the team worked alongside a Haitian doctor, nurse, and pharmacist, examining over 350 patients (60 children), filling 1780 prescriptions, and distributing 175 pairs of reading glasses. 

     But, it’s in individual stories that the answer to “Is it worth it?” emerges.

     --The mom who was so appreciative that the team drove three hours to her mountain community, bringing life-saving antibiotics to her sick daughter.

     --The man whose face lit up when fitted with a pair of reading glasses and was able to read his Creole Bible again.

     --The young boy, badly burned on his leg by the muffler of a motorcycle, whose wounds were cleaned, dressed, and medicated.

     --The lady who stood up during the women’s seminar on natural forms of family planning and said, “Thank you for teaching us this; our doctors never tell us these things..”      

     --The number of ladies who asked for extra copies of the family planning handouts to bring back to their home churches to teach others.

     --The patients given antibiotics for their malaria.

     --The number people who simply said, “Merci, for coming back.”

     All of these people were touched in the name of Jesus.  

     Our work in Haiti doesn’t heal the “hurts” of a nation.  But, individual snapshots answer the question.  It’s worth it!