Vision Team Funding

    Are you seriously considering going on a Vision Team or do you want to help out? How is the funding for our teams handled at GBC?

    First, we encourage participants to self-support.  It’s a good model to be self-sacrificing to participate on a team.  Realistically that’s not always possible, so it’s okay to encourage others to help you reach your goal.  Maybe parents, grandparents, friends, or relatives would like to see you go.  Ask respectfully and invite them to pray for you as well.  Several small contributions can add up quickly. 

    Second, you’re not going, but you’d like to help the overall expense of a team and reduce each member’s cost.  We’ve revised our giving plan so that contributions can be made for specific teams—up to a fifth of the total team cost.  Just designate your contribution to that team.  

    Third, you’d like to make a contribution to a team member who is having difficulty paying his or her way—without a specific person in mind.  It’s easy to ask Andy Bonner (missions pastor) if he knows of someone who needs help.  He’d be glad to make sure your contribution is designated to that person.  And, it’ll all be done anonymously. 

    It’s helpful to understand that, by tax law, contributions of this sort are given to the church, and we work to honor the desire of the contributor.

    If this is confusing, don’t be afraid to ask a team leader or Andy Bonner how you can help.  Most importantly, our Vision Teams are an outreach of the chapel, and we want everyone that God has called to be “out in the field.”  We all should be praying now for God’s leading as we prepare for these upcoming teams.