Helping in Haiti

     GBC’s next Haiti trip is from November 5th-13th.  During it, we will hold medical clinics in Wangouman and community locations in the Pignon area.  Our fifth leadership conference for the JBM pastors is Monday through Thursday.   Dave Humeston is teaching on the book of Esther.  Also, we’ll be providing medical care for all the pastors, seminars for the women, and seminars on health-related topics.  A final goal is to continue distributing water filters.  

    You may not be going, but you can help GBC’s ministry in Haiti.

    First, please pray.  Pray for the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries, and our partnership with them.  Pray for the team as they prepare to go. 

    Second, buy some inexpensive reading glasses.  The most needed strengths are +1.00 through +2.50, with cases if possible. Many local stores sell them for about $3.00.  Make the purchase a family project.  We’ll provide more information next week.

    Third, you can help GBC’s ministry in Haiti with a gift to the Haiti Fund.  

--The conference costs$15 per person, covering food and lodging for four days.  Many of the pastors don’t have enough money to attend.  To help, GBC gives $4,500 to sponsor the conference. For those that go, it’s a huge encouragement.

--Our goal in March and April is to finish the construction in Wangouman.  Some walls still need stucco, the floor needs cement, and the congregation needs benches.  Let’s get ‘r done.

-- Two weeks ago we bought another 150 water filters for $5,000.  Because of a promotional offer, we were given an additional 265 --  a total of 415 for the same money. Our goal is to make another large purchase by the end of the year before the promotion ends. 

    Let’s be enthusiastic followers of Him and remember the words of Jesus to “go and do likewise.”