Igloos in Connecticut??

We can hardly believe that it is 2016 already! It seems like only yesterday we were gearing up for the much anticipated launch into Fall Sunday School with the addition of our new igloo classrooms! Praise God for how he has provided in four short months!

Beginning back in October 2014, with the completion of the Goff report, it was made clear any growth we see in numbers of adults will bring, generally speaking, an almost equal increase in children. Fast forward to February 2015 when the Elders decided to make the “S-Wing” into a 100 seat capacity overflow room, plans began on how best to accommodate the 1st-5th graders that would be moved to the Gym. This was a decision that came with much prayer and research before making the final call. 

Which brings us to the igloos themselves. One of our fellow GBC’ers were visiting family at a church in Texas when they were introduced to the igloos. After seeing them in action at that church and knowing the needs we were facing here at home Frank Vitale made contact with the manufacturing company in England while Meghan Hartley made contact with the church in Texas. After conversations and additional research the next step was to get our hands on one. A single igloo was purchased in June 2015 and decided that it was the right decision for our 1st-5th grade department. However, it was also clear that the size was not right. We subsequently ordered three in the medium size (12’x15’) and two in the large size (12’x18’). 

Next came the fun part! Chairs, tables, sound equipment and supplies were purchased to make each igloo have a classroom feel. Sound damping tiles were added to the Gym to cut down on the noise that was generated from the igloo fans and the number of people. While these tiles have not completely eliminated the echo, it is far better than previously. 

Faithe Emerich

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