Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Psalm 37:8-9 - Where Hope Lies
Our response to the world around us is usually tied to where our hope is. Where does your hope lie? Where does your security come from? What situations cause you to fret or be anxious? Pray to God this morning for a hope firmly rooted in Jesus’ victory and reflect on what that victory means for you. 


Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

2 Corinthians 5:16-19 - New in Christ
In Christ we are made new. This doesn’t all happen in an instant. We lean into the Lord, the life we have in Christ, and God uses us as His ambassadors in the world. Reflect on the newness you have in Christ. What are areas for which you can give thanks? What are areas that you need to surrender?  


Remember to Pray

It’s pretty easy to promise prayer.  It’s another thing to do it.  Prayer connects us to our living God.  But, it’s an incredible privilege that is often relegated to the backseat of our Christian lives.  

Michael and Jillian Wills, who minister at the Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, have asked for prayer.  Let’s do it. Their edited requests:

1. It has been an especially trying term at RVA. . . Pray for endurance, reconciliation, unity and general encouragement for students, staff, and especially our administration team.

2. There is a Junior girl I have been mentoring who just a few weeks ago said she felt like she was close to making a decision to follow Jesus, but since seems to be pulling away/putting walls up. Please pray . . .that through our prayers we can usher her into the arms of Jesus!

3. Tonight, a 20 year-old guest on campus will be sharing . . . his testimony about how he converted from Islam to atheist to Christianity and the persecution he has endured. Pray his story is received well and challenges us in our faith.  . .

4. Political peace in Kenya. . . 

5. . . .Pray for perseverance and a chance to rest and rejuvenate during December school break.


Jill and Michael :)


Vision Teams 2018 (January - August)

Haiti, March 10th-18th

    Mobile medical clinic, construction, orphanage work

Builders for Christ, May 26th-June 2nd, adult team

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin, construction

Navajo Nation, July 8th-14th, upper senior high

    Houck, Arizona, construction, VBS

WorkcampNE, July 8th-14th, middle school and high school

    Johnson, VT, home repair

1.  Contact:  Andy Bonner for adult teams, Jeremy Vorce for teen teams
2.  WorkcampNE teams will go the same week, but will have separate housing (if available) and separate middle/high school meeting times.
3.  Under consideration--A parent/senior high student trip to Haiti in the summer.  Date TBD, Approximate cost--$1,600.  If interested, contact Andy Bonner or Jeremy Vorce.
4.  It is our desire that all people, who want to be on a team, can go.  If your financial situation is a concern, please contact Andy Bonner or Jeremy Vorce.