Vision Teams 2018 (January - August)

Haiti, March 10th-18th

    Mobile medical clinic, construction, orphanage work

Builders for Christ, May 26th-June 2nd, adult team

    Eau Claire, Wisconsin, construction

Navajo Nation, July 8th-14th, upper senior high

    Houck, Arizona, construction, VBS

WorkcampNE, July 8th-14th, middle school and high school

    Johnson, VT, home repair

1.  Contact:  Andy Bonner for adult teams, Jeremy Vorce for teen teams
2.  WorkcampNE teams will go the same week, but will have separate housing (if available) and separate middle/high school meeting times.
3.  Under consideration--A parent/senior high student trip to Haiti in the summer.  Date TBD, Approximate cost--$1,600.  If interested, contact Andy Bonner or Jeremy Vorce.
4.  It is our desire that all people, who want to be on a team, can go.  If your financial situation is a concern, please contact Andy Bonner or Jeremy Vorce. 


Dr. Steve and Mary Hawthorne

Steve and Mary Hawthorne, medical missionaries with SIM in Bolivia, recently visited GBC and met with the missions committee.  During that time, the Hawthornes spoke of a challenge given by their new president, asking them to identify the unreached people in their area of influence.  Beyond their medical work, Steve and Mary identified four groups, helping them focus their ministry in the future.  They are:

1.  The Quechua people.  The Quechua are the indigenous people and often blend Roman Catholicism with traditional Andean religions.

2.  The Professional Class.  The “upper crust” are often busy in their occupations and merely following the “trappings” of their religion.

3.  The Elderly.  Bolivia lacks an efficient support network for the elderly.  They often live on a meager governmental pension, Renta Dignidad, if they can successfully negotiate obstacles collecting it and avoid scams robbing them of it.

4.  The Miners.  The miners of Cerro Rico and their families face horrible conditions in the mines, alcoholism, and frequent untimely deaths, caused by mine accidents or the effects of silicosis.  

Please pray with Steve and Mary as they seek to reach these four groups with the good news of our Savior.