What is this Church? Doctrine 2

Speaker: Gary Campbell, Jr.

Continuing our series on What is this church? We take the next set of doctrines, or teachings from our GBC statement of faith and use these to build a sense of who we are and what God has called us to. This week we look at our beliefs about the Bible, more teaching of what it means to be human, we expound on the Bible’s teaching regarding biblical sexuality and marriage, and finally we explore further the role of the Holy Spirit, specifically in the life and service of the members of the Body of Christ, the local church. 

What is this Church? Elders and Others

What is the point of church? Do we really need to go to church to walk with the Lord? Beginning with stressing the importance of Christian community, we’ll start to look at how GBC functions as part of the global Body of Christ. This week we focus on leadership, namely the New Testament role of Elders, and how the staff fits in with this model.