Married to Christ

The Bible teaches that Jesus is a self-emptying, pursuant, all-loving Bridegroom, who gives everything for the love and relationship of His people, even, as Philippians 2 reminds us, to the point of death on a Cross. Use the following devotionals to help prepare for our teaching on this wonderful allegorical wedding song in the Psalter, Psalm 45.

Freedom in Christ

As we reflect on the previous year, and celebrate the New Year this week, how might we see the work of Christ as liberating us from our biggest struggles? Psalm 107 is a reminder that when we cry out to the Lord, no matter what our background, or our circumstances, He hears and promises to deliver. Having the benefit of living on this side of the Cross, we can say more specifically that our deliverance comes through Jesus Christ, as He becomes, and bears, the weight of human brokenness, categorically, and specifically, in our place, thereby granting us freedom in Christ! Each one of these categories not only preaches to us in our deliverance from sin, but drives an application for us to live here on earth in a way that reflects the literal application to others in these predicaments.