Haiti Update

Do you remember the cartoon character Gumby? For the past two years, Gumby, an extremely flexible figure, has been the ever- present mascot for our Haiti Vision Teams. The recent delay of our November team coupled with the need to adjust our travel plans in March, reminds us that we’ve chosen a great mascot. What’s ahead in Haiti? We adjust and continue.

On December 8th, Andy Bonner and Frank Vitale will fly to Haiti to help organize the distribution of 320 water filters. Those filters are currently “in country,” and we don’t want them sitting around, unused, until March. People continue to need clean water, and a recent resurgence of cholera heightens the need to get the filters in use. In addition, Andy and Frank will be working with the Haitian medical folks to create a development plan for a permanent clinic in Pignon.

The trip in March has been reworked. The March team was going to do construction in Wangouman, finishing some of the work started last year. Now, the plan is to forego the construction in favor of providing a series of remote medical clinics, including Wangouman. In addition, we’ll be holding the three-day leadership conference that was scheduled for November.

In April, during the school vacation week, our plan is to resume construction work in Wangouman. We won’t bring a medical team, but we anticipate the Haitian medical practitioners will provide clinics for the villages we visit. We’re encouraging older senior high students with past missions’ trip experience to join us. The plan is for them to work alongside several Haitian teens, helping in construction and outreach to the ministry schools.

Please pray for these upcoming trips. Pray that Haiti will stabilize and begin the road to political health. Pray that God will use His people to help alleviate some of the humanitarian needs of our friends. Pray that Jesus will be glorified in all we do there.