Update on Syria

As a result of the terrorist-led rebellion against PresidentAssad in Syria, parts of Syria (and Iraq) today are controlled by the ruthless Islamic group ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). While President Assad’s secular reign in Syria has protected Christians and other minorities from oppression, ISIS recently claimed the establishment of a Caliphate - i.e., an Islamic state. In addition to banning Christian symbols and destroying historic buildings and churches, ISIS and other Islamic groups commit horrific acts of brutality. They publicly execute and mutilate. They literally crucify Christians. They force women to veil their bodies from head to toe. Islamists torture and kill those opposed to them. Christians are leaving Syria by the thousands, running for their lives. Two bishops of the Christian Orthodox Church in Aleppo, Syria are still missing after over a year of being kidnapped.

The Holy Spirit continues to work in Syria amidst the suffering. Many in Damascus and other towns are seeing the evil of Islam and seeking real peace. When making the decision to follow the God of Love, many accept Christ and get baptized in secret. The harvest is so plentiful at this time in Syria! Our brothers and sisters in Christ are overwhelmed and can use all the prayers and support that they can get. These brave souls risk life and limb as they touch those in physical and spiritual need. In Syria, the number of victims of and refugees from Islam continues to soar, but we trust in the One True God - the God of plenty and the God of rest - to bring them home to Him.

The main Bible church in Syria is the Christian & Missionary Alliance church with headquarters in Damascus. If you would like to send financial help to beleaguered Syrian Christians, donations can be sent to the “The Christian & Missionary Alliance” with a designated note: “To the Alliance Church in Damascus”, Syria, P. O. Box 35000, Colorado Springs, CO 80935.

Above all pray, pray, pray for Christians in middle eastern countries who are undergoing times of great stres