An Update on Missions Gifts

At our most recent meeting, the missions committee decided to send several special financial gifts. 1. $150 gift to the Alpine Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tim and Joanne Hoganson, long-time friends of GBC, run a Hispanic Bible School for area pastors as part of their inner-city outreach. Our donation will help buy texts for the pastors.

2. $500 gift to David Nagy, a member of the production team of The Jesus Project. The Jesus film and its offshoots have been instrumental in the conversion of millions of people around the globe. The Jesus Project made the film that the GBC team showed last year in a Hindu temple courtyard in India.

3. $500-$1000 gift of bibles for the Good News Church in Houck, Arizona, the place where our teen vision team served this summer. Good News Church uses both Navajo and English bibles. Currently, bi-lingual Navajo youth have only KJV texts, making the English difficult for them to understand. The new bibles will be NIV Student bibles with notes to help the emerging generation of Navajo believers.

4. $500 gift to the Logos Christian Center in Kiev, Ukraine. The Logos Center is a faith-based health and fitness (physical, mental, spiritual) facility. Currently, the Logos Center houses over 100 refugees, mostly from Eastern Ukraine, a region of the country in great turmoil.