Tragedy and Treasures and the Triumph of God in Africa

Drs. Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly have brought Christianmissions in Africa into the news spotlight - not just about their disease, but about their faith and obedience to God. Their work went unnoticed until they contracted the deadly Ebola virus in their medical work in Liberia. But more important than their work is the message they live - that “Jesus is Lord”.

Like Paul, we carry the “treasure of good news in these earthly bodies of ours [showing] that the mighty power of the good news comes from God. It doesn’t come from us…We always carry around the death of Jesus in our bodies. So His life can be shown in our earthly bodies…God’s grace is reaching more and more people…They will give glory to God.” (2 Cor. 4:7 NIRV).

Pray through 2 Corinthians 4 this week for people sent from our GBC family to other countries. Pray for those serving in India and Africa, places where Satan has strongholds. Pray they be encouraged and strengthened by seeing God’s glory and reflecting it in their lives. Pray for God’s grace and mercy in the work He has given them to do. Pray they know God’s presence with them and that together, we will look forward to what is not seen - that which will last forever.

Pray for the Wills family returning to Kenya, where Prolonged drought leaves 4 million people in need of food aid.