Rachel Miller - Report from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

[Below is an edited version of a longer letter from Rachel – the completeletter is on the bulletin board across from the Welcome Center] I am currently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with around 150 other college students for 8 weeks, at a program called the “Summer Beach Project”. We work full-time jobs (I work in the deli at Walmart), and most of our time outside of work is spent at training or other group activities. We attend [weekly] Bible study, prayer, evangelism, stewardship, and theme training.

Through evangelism training, I have been equipped to present the gospel in a clear and concise way to others, and practice articulating the gospel, emphasizing key truths that are imperative to understanding God’s word and the implications it has for every person’s life. Each Wednesday we have shared our faith on the beach, speaking with boldness that comes from Christ alone. We are being challenged daily to live lives that communicate that we’re not ashamed of the gospel (as we are commanded in Romans 1:16 ). The workplace has certainly been one place that our convictions on sharing the gospel have been tested... It has been remarkable to witness the ways the Lord has literally brought the nations to us at Walmart, with coworkers from Thailand, China, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and more through an international students program there. In addition to distributing Bibles in native languages, my Beach Project coworkers and I have been able to invite some of them to attend (and several have joined us) for worship and teachings. Both there and at Walmart many have heard the gospel preached clearly and completely multiple times (many for the first time), and it has been amazing to see that God’s love, holiness, and saving power transcends all language barriers. How exciting it is to share some of what the Lord has been doing through the Summer Beach Project. I am incredibly thankful to have the support of my church family. God has used many of you individually and the church body as a whole in powerful ways in my life, and I am so grateful. As the final three weeks of Beach Project approach, I would very much appreciate prayers for continued growth and that the Lord would change hearts, as it is nothing of our doing, but only the Holy Spirit that convicts and brings others to Himself.