Praying for Christian Sailors on Active Duty with the U.S. Navy

We live in a military community and many within the GBC family are either former or current membersof the U.S. Navy. We need to pray for them. Below are four “prayer pointers” suggested by one of our “Navy Couples” as to what and how to pray for them and those they represent.

• Pray that God gives peace to junior sailors away from home who are thrust into an extremely challenging environment for the first time in their lives without family to stand by them.

• Pray for spouses of sailor’s deployed or at sea that they look for comfort in Godly friends and places and that Christians are placed in their lives to provide that comfort.

• Pray that children in military families connect with new friends as they move from place to place and that our Christian children are placed in their lives to provide those connections.

• Pray for sailors at sea that they find friendship and accountability from Christian shipmates.