Prayer For Our Missionaries

Why? Because our prayers to our global God on behalf of our missionaries are: • a lifeline for them while they serve…often in hostile circumstances; • the cord that binds them and their work to the God of the universe; • their source of strength, power and encouragement; • their soothing balm when loneliness sets in.

How? It is often suggested that in addition to particular concerns, we should use the prayers and promises of the Bible as the language of our conversations with God.

Prayer is a lifeline for our missionaries, a source of strength, power, and encouragement. Prayer holds us together and connects our work to the God of the universe, who sent His Son to be the Savior of the world. May we be faithful in praying for GBC missionaries who rely on our work in prayer to give them strength for the battle, comfort in sorrow, wisdom in decision, faith to keep on keeping on.

Practically, we encourage your prayers for GBC missionary families in transition. For example, pray for:

• Laurie Seymour and Tim and Nancy Shelburn who are transitioning from oversees assignments and seeking God’s leading for the future in the United States. • Michael and Jill Wills, doing the hard work of “raising support” in United States (constant travel and upheaval with active children) to serve God in providing education for missionary children in Kenya. Pray also for comfort as a beloved grandfather and supporter is being called home to heaven. Find them at • Keith and Lori and family, also traveling and seeking to raise support. Pray with them for the new believers who will be following Christ in baptism, facing hostility for their faith in Jesus. Pray for strength and hope. • Pray for Jephthe & Mitou Lucien in Haiti - for health, for daily strength, administrative skills, for wisdom in teaching men and women God’s Word, for uninterrupted family times together.