Malta Ministries

For the next few weeks, there will be a colorful wooden crate labeled “Malta” in the Fellowship Hall. It is a collection box for the Malta Ministries and is sponsored by the GBC Youth. The box is looking to be filled with used adult winter clothing in good condition. Socks and underwear should be new. What is Malta? “Malta is a local faith-based, non-profit organization, which reaches out to the homeless in southeastern Connecticut. Our goal is to help men and women retain or regain a sense of dignity and hope in their current circumstances.”

Three times a week, Malta teams distribute meals to the homeless and needy on the streets of New London, Groton, and Norwich. In addition, these teams supply clothing, toiletry items, and basic shelter items. With the season’s change, there is a growing need for warm winter clothing—jackets, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, socks, underwear, etc—for both men and women.

Several adults from GBC are active participants in this worthwhile outreach. GBC teens have helped with the meal distribution and clothing needs for years. Let’s encourage them in their effort to support the underserved in our local community. So, dig through your closets and bring in your donations!