Jepthe and Mitou Lucien

JerusalemBaptistJephthe and Mitou Lucien will be visiting next Sunday, January 26th. Jephthe is the lead pastor of the Jerusalem Baptist Ministries in Pignon, Haiti. Mitou oversees the finances of JBM’s micro-loan program and the Del la Grace Christian School. The Luciens have two young boys, Dominick and Abdel. His sermon, “Who Is This?” from Mark 4:35-41 will be illustrated with stories from JBM’s ministry in Haiti. GBC has partnered with JBM’s evangelical and humanitarian outreach for the past three years. It is through JBM that we feed school children, support orphanages, build wells, construct buildings, provide health services, host conferences, and attempt to help JBM where help is needed. In March, GBC will be sending a team from our 20s group to start a construction project in the remote mountain village of Wangouman, continue work in Bas Savanette, and enjoy fellowship with JBM’s 20s group.

Note--At 12:30 next Sunday, 26th, the Missions Committee will be hosting an informal “meet and greet” time with Jephthe and Mitou in the Fellowship Hall. We will be serving a simple rice and beans meal for those in attendance. The meeting will close with a communion service by 2:00. All are welcome to attend.