Haiti Vision Team, March 2014

GBC’s next Vision Team is heading to Haiti from March 8th-15th. Most of the trip members are from our 20s group. Kevin Kellner, a pharmacist, will guide the health component of the trip. Chris Bonner, a member of the 20s group, will lead the team’s daily tasks. The troupe plans to work in the remote village of Wangouman, about 2 ½ hours from Pignon and accessed by a challenging four-wheel drive experience. To better serve there, they’ll explore the joys of tent camping. Conducting health clinics, working with school children, and helpingconstruct the foundation for a new church are all on the agenda.

After returning to Pignon, the team will serve in Bas Savanette, doing similar tasks. If time allows, a day will be spent with a fledgling church community in Santyak. Over the past three years, our 20s have developed friendships with JBM’s young leaders. Together, as in the past, these friends will study scripture, learn of each other’s culture, and enjoy time together around the common bond of Christ. This united posse will work side by side in the Wangouman outreach.

Let’s be in prayer as the team prepares for the great opportunity to see God working in our Haitian friend's churches.