Update from Haiti

After a successful trip to Haiti, our weary team of eight returned home last Sunday night. Once again our visit to Wangouman was very encouraging—and a little bit exciting. We traveled up the mountain for the Sunday morning service. The sermon was on 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, the new has come.” The congregation memorized the verse as part of the sermon. The afternoon was split between medical home visits and a continuation of the work on the new church.

Then, it started to rain. Actually, it started to pour—the first rain in the village since we were there in March. While we were thankful for the rain, the slippery trip off the mountain that day reminded us of a Disney roller coaster ride. Exciting—once we got to the bottom.

On Monday we returned to Wangouman, continuing our work. During the home medical visits Dr. Ben treated a number of illnesses, including multiple cases of typhoid fever.

Sadly, the mud hole that supplied water to the community has dried up, and the only other “natural” place to get water is an additional thirty-minute walk farther up the mountain.

But, two years ago GBC financed a well on the church grounds. It is pretty rustic. Still, each day, before it goes dry, villagers are able to get several barrels of water out of the well. The only water in the community comes from the GBC well. And, it replenishes itself daily, much like the manna God provided the Israelites in the desert.

It’s really amazing to see how God has gone out ahead of us. Before the drought happened, the well was dug. And now, it is providing life-giving water for our friends. Let’s continue to pray for them as the growing season begins and continual rain is needed for a successful harvest.