This past Sunday we celebrated with a wonderful ground-breaking ceremony (though the ground had technically been broken already!). Hundreds attended as representatives from the city, bank, construction and architect firm came to join us. 

Over the course of the past week (3/24-3/29), a lot of site work has gone on. They have been working on the storm ceptor system drainage system (which is drainage for the roof water from the building). Trenches have been dug out over the past two weeks for drainage. 

Much of the dirt removed was screened in our lower lot so that it can return to the site and be compacted - it will raise parts of the site roughly 4 feet. 

This week the excavators also dug out the holes for the foundation, and traprock was put down in preparation for the concrete. The rebar has officially been delivered and concrete is scheduled to begin going in one day earlier than planned (3/29) for the footings.