It is almost hard to believe that after years of praying, talking, planning, and raising funds, that our building project here at GBC has actually begun! This week The Advanced Group began removing the topsoil in the lower lot to prepare for the additional parking spaces that we’ll need as construction continues. In addition, they’re cutting the pavement closer to the GBC building to prepare for the site work of footings and slab for the building itself! Beyond this we’ve seen contracts fulfilled for not just site-work, but also concrete, steel, plumbing, electrical, and of course our Construction Manager- Rick Utenis who lived into 108 Toll Gate this week. Many thanks to Jeff Seidel , our Building Committee Chairman for his tireless efforts in this regard. Beyond the digging and the building we are continuing to see the Spirit of God “knit our hearts together” as a church, and with His global church, as we’ve met brothers and sisters from around the country through BFC. We cannot wait to see what is next!