Details about the Builders For Christ Coordination Conference

Special Request On Saturday and Sunday, February 16-17, GBC will host a minimum of 50 people, and as many as 100, from a variety of churches around the country who are affiliated with Builders for Christ. These servant-hearted men and women will come to learn about our project and to make group commitments to serve as construction missionaries. We are grateful for the sacrificial hearts of those who are coming and for their willingness to invest the time with us to prepare for the summer. In addition, next Sunday these men and women will attend our services, and collectively make a presentation to the GBC family as a part of our morning together. In anticipation of this significant increase in attendance, we are asking you, the GBC Body, (particularly those of you who attend the first and second services), to consider “missionally” moving to our S-wing overflow space downstairs to allow our guests to sit in the main Sanctuary. We will need a proportionate number of folks to do this, and most critically at the 10am service. If you are a part of the Elders, Staff (those not facilitating the services), Building Committee (those not a part of the “hosting team” for BFC), Corporation, Missions Committee, and Logistics Team, we are asking you to lead the way in serving our out-of-state brothers and sisters in Christ. We are just one month away from ground-breaking and this step in the process makes all that we’ve been preparing for over the last three years that much more of a reality, and we thank you for being flexible and gracious as you consider this request!


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